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Torsion Bar "compression"
A neat way to re-assemble the Suspension

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An example of how to use a turnbuckle as a setting and compression tool for e-type suspension.

The workshop manual suggests using a "setting gauge" to fix the distance between the 2 shock-absorber pick-up points. It also suggests using a separate tool to twist the torsion bar (like compressing a coil spring). I read on Jag-Lovers.org of the idea of using a Turnbuckle for this...and I can say I thoroughly recommend it! You need a Big turnbuckle, but they are readily available and cheap; here's the one I got:

And here it is in use to wind-up the torsion bar and enable the top ball joint to be fitted to the upright: simple & safe.

Especially the safety aspect is important; jacking the suspension against the car's weight to tension the torsion bar is foolish: either the jack comes out sideways at 50mph or the car slips slowly & terminally off it's supports....
Torsion Bar "compression"Jovar Sanchez|27 Sep : 23:56

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Hi Dave:

I am working with the torsion bars but something weird is happening. Althogh I have marked splines on the front and rear of torsion bars before disassembly and reassemble as they were the following has happen.

I have been very carefull into following the manual instructions the new shock absorber resulted fully extended and unable to do the work.

My doubt is, even if I reinstalled the torsion bars as they were the seem to be overadjusted and it will not let the shockabsorbers to contract.

Please advice

Jovar Sanchez
e-mail: vangelo49©aol.com

Torsion Bar "compression"Jose abraham sanchez|07 Jul : 09:55

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very interesting, which is the distance betwen the two points?

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