S3 E-Type

Cylinder Head Rebuilding
Fitting guides & grinding valves

by Administrator

New Bronze Guides needed reaming to 0.3110 inch followed by grinding & setting clearances.

The heads were skimmed and I had new valve guides fitted by a local machine shop. The guides needed reaming to 0.311 inch, this is an odd size and it took me a while to find the right reamer...Thanks to Pierre Allemand in San Jose i managed to get one at reasonable cost (in fact I still owe him the beer(s))

Reaming with WD40 was just fine.

I used new inlet valves as some of the old ones were cracked.
Here you can see the valves fitted after grinding, with oil seals on the stems.

After fitting springs & collets the tappet block is fitted, this has no gasket, just sealant and is followed by the shims & followers:


And finally the Cam. For a while I thought it might be possible to confuse the cams, but it's not as the banks are offset lengthwise.

Now have to fit the calculated shims to get the clearances right...
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