S3 E-Type

Repair & Rebuilding
counting needle rollers....

by Dave Lacey

Putting the Jag 4 speed back together

The parts I had purchased for the rebuild included: Synchro Rings, Pilot Bearing, Primary  Bearing, Tailshaft Bearings, Oil Seals, Needle rollers and (after inspection) the layshaft. I did some things wrong when rebuilding it. Most importantly I fitted the tailshaft bearing to the housing before fitting the housing to the box/shaft. Thats the wrong way round: fit the housing to the box (thereby checking fit of oilpump and fixing rear bearing in place) and then fit the tailshaft bearing.....

Firstly, i needed to re-fit the oilpump to the tailshaft housing, as you can see it's important to get the orientation of the pump components correct in relation to the housing:


One of the tailhaft bearings had been turning in the casting and was not a tight fit. Therefore I used a Loctite bearing retainer "glue" to hold it in-place:

here it is fitted (although, as i mentioned I had to take it out again later...):


Getting the needle roller bearing out of the input shaft proved a challenge, the casing is quite brittle and it had to be broken into little pieces to get it out:


New one went in fine after the oldcasing was levered out:


With the mainshaft stripped & cleaned on the bench, it's time to start adding the new needle rollers.

These are loose rollers and need to be packed in-place with grease:

Then the 3rd gear cluster can be dropped over the rollers (this is easier than it looks):

Then the selector (with new synchro rings) goes onto the shaft:

And now working from the other end of the mainshaft we add the lower gears, the 2nd gear rollers can start to be added:


And that gear dropped in place:

Same procedure for 1st & reverse and then the mainshaft assembly is ready.


To Prepare the casing & layshaft it's important to remember that the reverse gear selector must be fitted to the gear but not attached to the box yet.


The Layshaft gear has yet more needle rollers that must be packed with grease, here's a view with the thrust washer in place:


Then the (new) layshaft can be pushed partially into the box to secure the other thust washer:

And the layshaft gear added and shaft pushed though....at this stage it's easy...


Now fit the reverse gear selector, here I noticed that the reverse idler gear is chipped, dunno how that happened, but I assume it wont be a big problem.


With that completed the mainshaft can be manouvered into the box:


Finally, the primary shaft can be added
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