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S3 E-Type

Refitting Engine

by dave

The engine & gearbox as a unit can be reassembled into the car by one person; The Repair Manual states the exact lengths of the chains required to support the engine. If you follow these measurements the 'angle of dangle' will be just fine for getting the unit in without gouging the bulkhead.

So, here's a nice clean engine bay:


The engine & gearbox have been mated together and the Inlet & exhaust manifolds are fitted. Only things missing here are the alternator & Power Steering pump.


As mentioned, with the correct chain lengths, the assembly hangs tail-down which makes it's positioning quite easy.


Here you can see the angle & how it's going to slide into the bay.


I did this on my own in about 2.5 Hrs, including connecting up the propshaft, securing the mounts and plumbing the water, fuel & electrics.

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