S3 E-Type

IRS Hub Rebuild

by Dave

This is a job where you need to take some care to set both an end-float (or 'free play') in the wheel bearing and a slight pre-load on the fulcrum shaft bearing. Both are achieved by measurements and adding/subtracting shims. The Jaguar ROM states that a number of special tools are needed, but it's possible to do without in most cases if you have a good solid engineer's vice and ideally a magnetic-base dial gauge.

Many of the parts are available from your local bearing/seal specialists.... there's no point in paying a jag specialist to ship you bearings (weight=$$$) that can be bought locally. The wheel bearings are Timken 18620/18690 and 18520/18590 or equivalent (I used Toyo & NTN japanese types), the fulcrum bearings are Timken 03062/03162 and the messy felt oil-seal arrangement can be replaced with a one-piece National 471652.

Strip-down of the hub is straightforward, but there are two parts where you may need to borrow someone's hydraulic press: The driveshaft is likely stuck in the hub (it should be loctit-ed in), and the outer bearing race is very difficult to remove from the hub (especially with the delicate water-thrower & seal surface nearby). I suggest getting the hubs ready and then visiting your local machine-shop & ask them to separate these pieces without damage.

There's good general instructions on this Cobra Replica site and they also have a good parts diagram.

Here's my experience as a video clip - hopefully the message is that this isn't such a big job....

IRS Hub Rebuildmillsd61@btconnect.com|18 Jan : 02:47

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Do you have a copy of the Jag Rear Hub rebuild video with sound. The one on UTube has no sound?

Re: IRS Hub RebuildAdministrator |22 Jan : 14:44
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I will add the 'uncompressed' version as a download... give me a few days....

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