S3 E-Type

Back on the Road
The rear suspension rebuild is completed! The Chinese New Year holiday gave me the time to finish assembly of the brakes & handbrake into the subframe. Fitting the whole unit was accomplished in about 3.5 Hrs & a 'shake down' drive indicated no problems and much improved handling & stopping.

You can see more details of the reassembly of the unit here.

Back on the RoadKevin|16 Aug : 19:19

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You went thru all the hassles to renew the Rear but didn't put on Vented Discs. Why?

Re: Back on the RoadAdministrator |29 Sep : 12:06
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Hi Kevin,

It's a road car, and from what I've read, rear-end brake fade never happens on the road (on the track it aybe different). I thought about upgrading various parts but eventually decided it was more eye candy than an improvement I'd notice on the road...

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